Located across the Hindrun Sea, Tarmeria is the ancestral homeland of the Iron People. Affectionately referred to as Fermasha by its inhabitants, the Old Country is the location of Brankeep, the seat of the Tarmerian Empire. It is also the location of Wharfstead and Stonefist.

Real-World Basis

The political system of Tarmeria is based closely off of English feudalism in the Late Middle Ages, but uses more modern military terminology. It’s imperial ideology, however, is more reminiscent of early 17th century English colonialism. Religiously, it is most similar to
the Christian Church during the High Medieval era.


Tarmeria is pronounced tar-MEE-ree-uh, with a short A sound, like in par, two long E sounds, like in seed, and a short U sound, like in pump. It is derived from the Gaulish “are-mori,” meaning “on the sea,” given its prowess as a naval power. It’s Gaulish root is that of Armorica, the Gaulish name for the region that is now Brittany.

Fermasha is pronounced fuhr-MAW-shuh, with a short U sound, like in purr, a short A sound, like in raw, and a short U sound, like in dumb. It is derived from the Russian “fier,” meaning iron, and the Bosnian “majka,” meaning mother. Therefore, it literally means “iron mother.”


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