The evil Orlak is the god of War. Known as The Elder Son, his two aspects are Orlak Katona, King of Battle, and Orlak Boder, Duke of Heroes. As the chaotic Katona, he gains the domains of Nature and Tempest. As the lawful Boder, he gains the domains of Knowledge and Trickery. He is also known as Orlak Ehakun, King of Fear. In this neutral aspect, he gains the domains of Light and Tempest.


Orlak is the secondary male deity in Tarmerian religion. The rituals dedicated to him usually involve blood sacrifices or self-flagellation, especially in times of war. Prayers to Katona are mostly prayers for victory and protection from invasion, while prayers to Boder are mostly prayers for bravery and for good fortune from sacrifice. To Ehakun go the dead who died afraid, especially those that feared their death, and sought to prevent it, for death is one foe that no man should best.


Katona Boder Ehakun
Symbol: Sword Shield Helmet
Animal: Eagle Stag Warhorse
Color: Dark Red Dark Green Dark Gray
Material: Iron Bronze Electrum


Orlak is pronounced OHR-lakh, with a long O sound, like in pore, and a short A sound, rhyming with lock.

Katona is pronounced kuh-TOH-nuh, with short U sounds, like in fun, and a long O sound, like in go. It is derived from the Hungarian “katona,” meaning soldier.

Boder is pronounced bo-DAIR, with a long O sound, like in row, and a long A sound, rhyming with hair. It is derived from the Polish “bohater,” meaning hero.

Ehakun is pronounced EH-ah-kun, with short E and A sounds and a long U sound, rhyming with cocoon. It is derived from the Mapunzugun “ekun,” meaning honor.


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