Defenders of Stormfast

The Road to Wharfstead

The Pre-Prequel

Having found ourselves with a surprise quorum on Halloween night, we welcome to the table:

Our heroic trio is on their way to the port city of Wharfstead, in order to procure passage to the New World, Bakarria. They have hired a driver and his cart to bring them from Pētor’s church. On Old Wharf Road, they are held up by two bandits, who immediately kill the driver. One bandit then proceeds to fall out of the tree that he is hiding in, stunning himself (critical failure on a Stealth check). The other bandit charges the cart, using his scimitar to stab at Norixius, dropping him with one blow (critical success on a weapon attack). Pētor dives off the cart, healing Norixius as he rolls for cover under the cart bed. Standing, Delmirev grabs at the bandit, attempting to blast him with lightning (Shocking Grasp), but misses. The bandit returns by swinging at Delmirev…and missing. His no-longer-stunned partner follows suit with his crossbow…and misses. Norixius, taking advantage of the closer bandit’s distraction, guts him with a handaxe from below, dropping him unconscious. Pētor and Delmirev join together and take out the other bandit.

The late cabbie’s horses, unaccustomed to having battle waged so close behind them, are (quite understandably) spooked. One attempts to run from the fighting (failure on a Wisdom save), while the other refuses to move. The immobile horse is pulled along by the fleeing one, and gets its leg broken in the process. While Delmirev searches the body of the fallen bandit, Norixius ties up the scimitar-user and Pētor calms the horses. Unfortunately, when he attempts to heal the broken leg, he does more harm than good, dislocating the other leg in the process (critical failure on a Medicine check). Eventually, he relocates the second leg and asks Norixius to cut down a tree in order to craft a splint for the first.

Upon regaining consciousness, the bandit is greeted by the sight of a Dragonborn hacking away at a tree with a greataxe, two dwarves menacing him, and a Pseudodragon flying around the head of a dragon-esque Half Elf who is currently rummaging around the corpse of his brother-at-arms. The bandit promptly soils himself (critical success on an Intimidation group check), telling them about his struggle to feed his family, giving them directions to Wharfstead, and pleading for them to spare his life. Mercilessly, Pētor channels the holy light of Ulaa (Light cantrip), judges the bandit unworthy, and knocks him out. The party quickly buries the cabbie and continues towards Wharfstead.


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