Defenders of Stormfast

The Caravan

Angry Man, Angry Bear, Angry Natives… Who Isn't Angry Here?

Welcomed Klee Torres, fought a Brown Bear, defended the caravan from 5 Tribal Warriors.

We open with a stormy, but mostly uneventful voyage across the Hindrun Sea. Along the way, Pētor analyzes the remaining barrels of Shifty’s stock, attempting in vain to determine the secret production method thereof, Adrik “tests” the Devilweed, with some “help” from Snoop, and Delmirev must help his Pseudodragon contend with horrible seasickness. Ultimately, our heroes arrive safely upon the shores of Bakarria.

Landing in the coastal town of Helmport, the party follows Captain Dramsson to the residence of his Lordship Everbranch, where they are to be introduced to their employer, Marwanner, Lord Stormfast. As they arrive at Lord Stormfast’s bedchambers, they pass a much-vexed Lord Everbranch, who expresses his relief to Sir Dramsson that the Stormfast settlers are leaving that day. Tentatively, the group enters the room, just in time to witness an armor-clad dwarf woman pleading with Marwanner, “Get out of bed, it is well past noon and the settling party departs within the hour.” From under the bedclothes comes the dignified reply, “Gerroff, Iron Tits, and gimme a drink.” Discreetly herding the Defenders from the room, Dramsson apologizes, explaining that, while certainly a man of honor and descended from noble blood, his Lordship is still a mortal man, and as susceptible to drink as any other. He directs them to help with loading the wagons, and then scout the woods ahead of the caravan.

As the party rides through the woods, they enter a clearing and spot a lone bear, lumbering through. It stops, sniffs the air, and turns towards searchingly towards the group. Spotting them, it stands on its hind legs and roars. It slams down, paws at the ground, and snorts wildly. Berrion’s immediate reaction is to scamper up a tree and draw his rapier, poised to attack. Next, Delmirev—still mounted—launches a Fire Bolt at the bear, angering it. Adrik, then Norixius, hurl their handaxes, making solid connections each time. The bear charges Adrik, futilely gnawing and clawing at his chest. It then swipes heavily with its paw, crashing into Adrik’s chest and knocking him backwards, bloodied. Petor launches a beam of holy light at the bear, wounding it slightly (Sacred Flame). Taking a moment to orient himself, Berrion dives from the tree, skewering the bear’s skull on his rapier, ending its life. Heroically, the group returns to the caravan to heal up and soldier on.

Delmirev → Fireball → Warrior 3 → Drop
Warrior 1 → Spear (ranged) → Adrik
Berrion → Dismount + Climbs halfway up tree
Petor → Dismount + Warhammer → Warrior 5 → Drop
Adrik → Dismount + Handaxes → Warrior 2 → Drop
Warrior 2 → Revive
Norixius → Dismount + Handaxes → Warrior 4
Warrior 3 → Revive
Warrior 4 → Spear (melee) → Norixius → Handaxes → Drop
Warrior 5 → Revive
Delmirev → Dismount + Fireball → Warrior 1
Warrior 1 → Spear (melee) → Berrion
Berrion → Climbs halfway up tree + Shortbow → Warrior 1
Petor → Crossbow → Warrior 1
Adrik → Warhammer → Warrior 1 → Drop
Warrior 2 → Spear (melee) → Norixius → Handaxes → Kill
Norixius → Handaxes → Warrior 3 → Kill
Warrior 4 → Revive → Norixius → Handaxes → Kill
Warrior 5 → Stands → Petor → Pistol (Crossbow) Whip → Kill
Adrik → Warhammer → Warrior 1 (unconscious) → Kill


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