Defenders of Stormfast

The Back-Road of Bakkaria

Modra-ex-machina, horse placement is vague, and a the party sticks up for eachother

Upon returning to Stormfast, from the mountains, the party rests and recuperates in preparation for their next adventure. They relax for a couple of uneventful months: Pētor’s bar makes money, Adrik continues to get high and learn how to be an apothecary and Delmirev starts to sell his body to Tostee in order to finance his library. However, the party is never idle for long: whilst giving a sermon, Pētor is approached celestial being cloaked in purple light. The angel tells Pētor that he is needed in Crag Keep in order to combat the dark evil stirring within the depths of their mines. Before the angel can leave, Noxorious attempts to fight the minor deity and is knocked unconscious. Luckily, the party stopped the angel from vaporizing the unconscious party-member. Thus, our rag-tag group of inept, immoral, inconsiderate adventures set a course for Crag Keep in the hopes of (as Adrick would say) FUCKING SHIT UP!

Several days outside of Stormfast, the party is attacked by bandits. The bandits were dispatched with ease. However, the horses seemed to be behaving like electrons, in that they were in multiple places at a time. [DM was unclear about the location of enemies. This issue was eventually resolved by everyone standing and screaming at each other] Leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake, the party continued to march towards the Dwarven city

A couple days later, under the cover of darkness, the group encountered a delirious old man who was yelling about magic mushroom he possessed. Adrick (the aspiring apothecary) attempted to take advantage of the old man, but failed [Failed deception check caused by Adrik’s -1 charisma] Pētor and Sparky demanded that the party ignore the old man and continue towards the Dwarven city, but Adrick insisted that they stop. When Adrik went to talk to the old man, Pētor and Sparky drove the wagon away. Adrik yelled a series of curse words and expletives, but eventually chased after the wagon.

Several more days pass and the party came across a clearing leading up to the mountain that housed Crag Keep. Berrion looked off [makes a perception check] into the distance and saw a man on horseback with hawk flying around above. In a snap decision Berrion shot his bow at the bird soaring above, killing the poor creature. The man on horseback yelled, “HAWKEY NO!” As the man drew closer and took out the spear, the party realized that the man is a centaur. The centaur demanded that the party stands aside and let him murder Berrion. So, Pētor knocked Berrion unconscious and tied him up, allowing the centaur to drag Berrion’s limp body behind him. Pētor muttered healing spells under his breath to keep Berrion alive.

The party began their assent up the mountain (in the group cart) . Suddenly, the sound of galloping horses materialized behind them. Two cloaked figures on black horses appeared and begin to chase the party. The party attempts to get rid of the attackers by shooting arrows and spells at them. The cloaked figures get closer to the cart and one of them attempted to climb on the cart, he is promptly kicked off by Adrik. Then Norixius starts to throw their supplies at the remaining attacker, who is knocked off of his horse. Then out of nowhere an armored stranger appeared in the middle of the road and braces himself for a collision with the cart, as if he intended to stop the cart even if it meant causing a full on collision. Luckily, the party stopped and avoided the crash. The armored man introduced himself as Adrick’s brother, who had been tracking the party ever since they arrived in the new world. While Pētor spoke to the armored man, Norixius snuck up behind the man and shocked him. The man became unconscious, the party threw his limp body into the back of the cart and sped away.


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