Defenders of Stormfast

Into the Mountains

A Prayer Circle, Yodeling, and Extremely Long Encounter Distances

As the party heads into uncharted territory, in the hopes of brokering a peace with the half-orc tribe led by Keth Neega (pronounced exactly as you would expect). Keth sends the party into the mountains (with a horde barbarians) to fight a neighboring tribe of Goblins. The small army was led by Snoop Lion (Adrik’s Badger). Snoop Lion was MIA for the rest of the encounter.

In the foothills of The Ridgewall Peaks the party encountered a group 3 of orcs. The first kill was dealt by Pētor, who killed him with a powerful war hammer attack. The party’s half-orcish companions threw their spears at one of the orc, said orc attempted to run away and was killed by Pētor (attack of opportunity). Norixius killed the final orc

As the party ventured farther up the mountain they were set upon by 4 goblins. The encounter began with Norixius dropping the first goblin with two successful handaxe attack. Berrion misses an attack with his short bow. Then, Delmirev uses Magic Missile and Pētor’s Sacred Flame attack misses (DC 13 Dex Save). Adrik goes ham with his handaxes and drops another goblin, severely wounding another. The final goblin deals a devastating long sword attack against Pētor (critical attack with longsword). Another goblin attacks Pētor and misses, Pētor kills the goblin. One of the half-orc companions throws his spear at a goblin. Keth misses his attack and is stabbed. Norixius drops a goblin with a blow fatal from a greataxe. Berrion shoots a goblin and kills it. A goblin awoke after being knocked out (success on a death saving throw) and is promptly executed by Keth.

The party sees a goblin captain, riding a warg, eyeing them atop a hill. As the captain rushes towards the party, the group prepares actions. Everyone (excluding Adrik, Pētor, and Delmirev) attempted to hit the warg with their various ranged weapons. Adrik punches himself in the scrotal area (attempt at rage continuation), Delmirev attempts to cast sleep on the warg and fails. Finally, Pētor deals a devistating Guiding Bolt attack against the Captain. The party sends another barrage of weapons against the warg and captain, effectively killing the warg and sending the unconscious captain flying into the snow. Pētor grabbed the semi-conscious goblin and killed it using a Sacred Flame spell, which burnt off all the skin on the captains face (unable to make Dex save due to lack of consciousness). Pētor gives the skull of the fallen captain to Keth and holds a traditional half-orc funeral (complete with traditional yodeling) before returning to town. The two groups broker a treaty to help each other fight in times of war and trade wares in times of peace.


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