Tarmerian Empire

The Just and Mighty Tarmerian Nation, Forever may it stand Glorious and Strong, is more commonly known as the Tarmerian Empire. Based in Tarmeria, the High King of Tarmeria holds his court in Brankeep. The Tarmerian Nation was first formed when Brankeep unified the kingdoms neighboring it under its flag during the bloody Six Realms War. After recovering from the war, the Tarmerian Nation turned its attention towards the two more powerful nations which it bordered, Bronsprik and Darien, and then began its colonization of other continents. So far, it has formed colonies on five other landmasses, and is now setting its sights on Bakarria. Stormfast will be its first foray inland on the continent.

The people of Tarmeria call themselves the Tarmerak, or Iron People (singular Tarmer). This title was originally exclusive to citizens of Brankeep, but all native Tarmerians have been allowed its use the end of the Six Realms War. Its usage is outlawed for those residing in the colonies, as it is for foreigners and slaves. Colonials, however, may still call themselves Tarmerians, as they are citizens of the empire. Foreigners are named “douarak” (singular douar) or—more—derogatorily—“kamirak” (singular kamir).


Tarmerak is pronounced TAHR-muhr-ack, with a short A sound, like in far, a short U sound, like in turn, and a short A sound, rhyming with pack. Tarmer is pronounced the same way, but without the final syllable. It is a portmanteau of Tarmeria and the Hungarian “emberek,” meaning people. However, it is taken to mean “People of the Tarmerian Nation,” rather than “People of the Tarmerian Empire,” as Tarmerian is.

Tarmerian Empire

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