The neutral Modra is the goddess of Light. Known as The Elder Daughter, her two aspects are Modra Ghesin, Queen of Family, and Modra Kolti, Duchess of the Hearth. As the neutral Modra Ghesin, she gains the domains of Nature and Trickery. As the good Modra Kholti, she gains the domains of Tempest and War. Modra is also known as Modra Frashi, Queen of Betrayal. In this evil aspect, she gains the domains of Knowledge and Trickery.


Modra is the secondary female deity in Tarmerian religion. The rituals dedicated to her usually involve family prayer or social events, such as births, weddings, and burial. Prayers to Ghesin are mostly prayers for loved ones, while prayers to Kolti are mostly prayers for health and comfort. To Ledved go the dead whose deaths were underhanded and cruel, those who were betrayed, and died for their trust.


Ghesin Kolti Medved
Symbol: Knot Hearth Scales
Animal: Wolf Bear Bear
Color: Dark Brown Light Yellow Light Green
Material: Stone Dirt Serpentine


Modra is pronounced MOH-druh, with a long O sound, like in low, and a short U sound, like in run.

Ghesin is pronounced geh-SIN, with a short E sound, like in let, and a short I sound, like in tin. It is derived from the Dutch “gezin,” meaning family.

Kolti is pronounced KHOL-tee, with a long O sound, like in pole, and a long E sound, like in fee. It is derived from the Finnish “koti,” meaning home.

Ledved is pronounced LEHD-vehd, with short E sounds, rhyming with sled. It is derived from the Czech “medvÄ›d,” meaning bear.


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