Defenders of Stormfast

Dungeon 1: Gnoll's Hideout

A Sea of Hyenas and The Rogue Can't Pick Locks

Two months following their tumultuous first night at Stormfast, our brave heroes must venture into the forest at the request of Captain Dramsson to find a cave that has been reportedly been commandeered by a band of gnolls. They are joined by one of Stormfast’s minstrels, Romero Romando. After a brief run in with 3 swarms of bats and then an even briefer fight with a bugbear, the party finds the gnolls’ leader, along with one of his compatriots, with a group of 4 hyenas. Bravely, Norixius surges forwards, only to be swiftly defeated by the wall of fur and teeth he encounters. Romero kindly heals him, and they rejoin the fray, eventually routing the tangle of hyenafolk. Recouping, the party declares the area safe, and settles in for the night.

The next morn, however, they are rudely awakened by the remainder of the Gnoll family discovering their relatives’ shared demise, and attacking the adventurers they find in their stead. The party, still groggy, defeats the two gnolls and their pet hyena, then turns their attention to the door to the next room. Berrion sets to work disarming the trap he discovers there, and promptly receives a falling scythe blade to the face. After repeated attempts to disarm the trap fail, the noise attracts a nearby pack of blink dogs. After a prolonged struggle with the teleporting canines, wherein one of Norixius’ beloved handaxes is teleported away, the party eventually succeeds at opening the door without getting themselves killed.

Through the doorway, they see mounds of glittering coin…and an animated suit of armor, wielding a flying sword. After a moment’s hesitation, the party launches themselves at the constructs. Pētor utterly destroys the sword by holding it down and melting it down with holy fire, converting it to a lump of pooling metal. Romero, not to be outdone by the Defenders, arms himself with a crossbow from Pētor, firing upon the advancing suit of armor. When his bolt goes wide, the wearer-less suit is quickly taken down by Norixius, promptly set upon by the remainder of the party, and dealt a brutal end to its existence. The party gathers up the treasure horde and returns to Stormfast.


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