Defenders of Stormfast

A Slight Change of Plans

A great victory was won for race relations, fucked up shit happens in a bar, and a visit the finer-minor-miner-diner (which is outside the finer-minor-miner-mine, in which minor- miners mine).

The party makes camp in a small cave on the way to the Crag Keep, they tie up Adrik‘s brother and begin to interrogate him. He begins to espouse a series of racist sentiments about dragonborns and is promptly knocked unconscious by Pētor. This process repeats itself several times before Pētor finally gives up and knocks him unconscious. The party heads towards Crag Keep and tries to find a place to drop off Adrik’s brother’s unconscious body. Eventually, they find a bar in the shady part of town.

After arriving in Crag Keep, the party receives a series of strange looks as they drag a bound body into a bar and order a round of drinks. A woman stands in the middle of the room mixing a pot of stew. Pētor asks numerous times where to find the mine, the woman becomes annoyed with the party’s many questions and begins to ignore them. Pētor threatens to dump out her soup if she doesn’t provide the location of the mine. Suddenly a group of assassins attack the party members. The assassins are quickly defeated, bound, gaged and placed in the (now empty) cauldron. Berrion looks around the bar and discovers that is a front for the Assassins Guild. Berrion sneaks into a room and discovers a receptionist who is busy looking over papers. The rogue plunges his dagger into the heart of the assassin; killing him silently [successful sneak attack].

Adrick and Pētor devise a plan to burn the unconscious assassins alive, and attempt to make their last moments as gruesome as possible by leaving them head first in the cauldron, so that the assassins regain consciousness, but can’t see given that they are inside the dark cauldron. They plan put the cauldron above an open flame, but do not have time to start the fire because Berrion returns and informs them of a hidden stairway leading to the roof of the bar.

As the party reaches the roof they discover a large water tower. The group struggles to climb up a water tower. After a while, the party reaches the top and discovers a trap door. They open the hatch to discover the water tower is filled with water, a glowing light emanates from the bottom of the of the tower. Pētor eminently tries to shoot the light with a sacred flame, which is unsuccessful. The party attempts to formulate the plan, but before they can come to a decision, Pētor yells, “deuces bitches” and cannonballs into the water. The rest of the party quickly follows. They sink through the water and pass through the light at the bottom. They pass through the light and fall into a room with a shag carpet. They look up and see a man in black robes looking down on them. The man introduces himself as Cade, the leader of the assassins, he ask the party why they are trespassing in his guild house. Adrik tries to intimidate Cade by telling him how the party knocked out his lackeys, but Delmirev seizes the opportunity to recruit Cade and have him move to Stormfast, he is miraculously successful [successful diplomacy check].

After murdering some people and making some new friends, the group leaves Adrik’s tied up brother in Cade’s guild and head towards the miner-minor-mine. After taking a suspended tram down to the mine and enter the miner. After an exhausting day the party was exhausted and not in the mood to do anything. Suddenly a fire elemental appears, a grumpy Pētor mutters angrily to himself and casts 2nd level inflict wounds on the elemental, promptly killing it. The party takes a short rest after Pētor wasted one of his high-level spells.


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